Rapid clean technology deployment can cut Australia's emissions by

81% this decade.

The technologies to decarbonise our economy already exist, Australian manufacturing businesses are signed on to make it happen and we have the research to back it.

Deploy Report

Six technologies that we use today will make the biggest contribution to cutting Australia’s emissions. A rapid rollout of these clean technologies will translate to high quality jobs, billions of additional revenue and lay the foundations for future-facing export industries.

Cleantech Showcase

A showcase of mature, Australian-made clean technologies that will help us thrive in a zero-emissions economy.

We have the Cleantech ready to scale up so that we can speed up deployment to accelerate Australia towards a zero-emissions economy.

Rapidly deploying clean technology can reduce emissions by 81% by 2030

Beyond Zero Emissions’ research demonstrates that an 81% emissions reduction is achievable by 2030 with an ambitious rollout of clean technology over the next five years, supported by targeted carbon drawdown initiatives.

Let's put existing technologies to work

In the next five years, we need to install clean technology in our homes, vehicles and industries at a rate of about two units or appliances per household. We cannot afford to wait for new research and inventions, and we don’t need to. We already know how to make the key technologies that are needed for a zero-emissions economy - we just need to make more of them and put them to work.

Australia can become a green export powerhouse

Australia could grow a new green export market worth $333 billion a year by 2050 by producing the goods the zero-emissions economy needs – green steel, green aluminium, renewable hydrogen and ammonia, critical minerals and batteries. That’s triple the value of today’s fossil fuel exports to the world.

We can create 195,000 jobs

The technology rollout we describe will drive demand at a scale that can revitalise Australian manufacturing. A strong manufacturing sector will reduce our reliance on international supply chains and so strengthen our sovereign security. We highlight lithium-ion batteries, solar PVs, thermal storage and electric vehicles as examples of clean technologies already manufactured onshore today.

The six technologies that can decarbonise Australia

An 81% reduction in our national emissions this decade is ambitious, but it is achievable. These proven and commercially available clean technologies are how we can get there.

Over 50 established and emerging manufacturers and innovators support the Deploy report

What did the report find?

View, download and share the key charts, maps and economic forecasts that describe the opportunities that deploying clean technology will create in regional Australia.

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13,361 jobs

Wind turbines

15,536 jobs

Solar PV (residential)

2,047 jobs

Solar PV (commercial)

4,217 jobs

Solar PV (utility-scale)

6,726 jobs

Batteries (buildings)

4,043 jobs

Batteries (utility-scale)

A national cleantech rollout can cut Australia’s emissions 81% by 2030

We need to ramp up rollout rates of the six key technologies that will do the heavy lifting. This chart shows the increase in rollout rates for these key technologies needed to achieve the five-year Deploy plan.


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