Green Hydrogen and Electrolysers

Affordable renewable hydrogen opens up a world of manufacturing possibilities.

Green hydrogen

There are many ways to acquire hydrogen, but green hydrogen is the only one that uses clean technology. An electrochemical device known as a hydrogen electrolyser uses renewable electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen in a process called electrolysis. Hydrogen is produced in this process and can be used to store energy.

Green hydrogen has the potential to replace fossil fuels when electricity cannot

Green hydrogen is a versatile energy carrier and feedstock that has the potential to transform and decarbonise many industries. Uses include: industrial feedstock, some industrial heat processes, storage for exporting renewable energy, shipping and other forms of large scale transportation, and electricity generation for rare periods of extended low sun and wind.

Hydrogen is a very expensive option

Producing and utilising green hydrogen for energy requires a substantial input of renewable energy, at least three times more than directly using renewable energy as electricity. Additionally, electrolysis demands a considerable volume of clean water, approximately nine litres or more per kilogram of hydrogen generated.

Hydrogen should be produced near Clean Industry Hubs

Transfering hydrogen is expensive and requires purpose built technology, which is the reason we advocate for green hydrogen production in Clean Industry Hubs, where it can be used directly. Our Electrifying Industry report (2018) details the important role of green hydrogen for some industrial processes.

The following products and services are ready right now to play their part in Australia’s transition

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December 21, 2023

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