Electric Heavy-Duty Vehicles

Electrifying Australia’s trucks, buses, and other heavy duty vehicles

Zero emissions transportation of goods and people

Heavy duty electric vehicles include buses, trucks, and light commercial vehicles like utes and vans. Electric trucks, in particular, offer a significant reduction in emissions when compared to their diesel counterparts, with 1 electric truck equivalent to replacing 42 cars. Heavy duty vehicles make up a quarter of vehicles on Australian roads yet make up over half of road transport emissions.

Heavy Duty Electric Vehicles are cost effective and have health benefits too

Electric trucks and buses have lower operating costs, less break-downs due to fewer moving parts, which enhances their reliability compared to trucks with traditional combustion engines. They also offer a potential source of revenue through vehicle to grid options and are considered safer. In addition heavy duty electric vehicles produce significantly less air and noise pollution, leading to better health outcomes for the community.

Plenty of heavy duty vehicles are already being manufactured in Australia

Australia already produces various types of heavy duty vehicles including various electric models. Adding more buses have additional benefits by reducing private vehicle reliance, and electric buses further cut emissions and pollutants per passenger. Many of these vehicles are already manufactured in Australia, including established brands and startups.

The following products and services are ready right now to play their part in Australia’s transition

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December 21, 2023

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