Australia is ideally suited for industrial-scale offshore wind projects

Wind turbines are one of six clean technologies Australia can rollout to cut our emissions by 81% by 2030.

Australia’s energy capacity for proposed wind farms is greater than all our coal-fired power stations combined

Wind turbines are a mature renewable energy technology. Wind turbines use wind to turn their propeller-like blades around a rotor, which spins a generator to produce electricity. They can be located onshore or offshore. Once installed, solar and wind both offer cost effective electricity generation, require minimal maintenance and do not create pollution or greenhouse gas emissions.

Reasons to love wind turbines

  • Cost effective
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Generate electricity with low pollution or greenhouse gas emissions
  • Australia’s energy capacity for proposed wind farms is greater than all our coal-fired power stations combined

The opportunity for wind turbines in Australia

Our five-year Deploy plan is ambitious and achievable. One-hundred percent renewable generation and storage is the foundation for success.

By deploying 64 GW of renewable capacity and 13GW (67 GWh) of energy storage capacity Australia can reach 84% renewable energy generation within five years.

This equates to about 6,000 wind turbines and 66 million solar panels. In other words, we need to increase our annual deployment of wind turbines 3.8-fold to 1,185 units per year.

Australia is already producing essential components for wind-generated electricity. Learn more about the companies leading the charge.

The five-year Deploy Plan

Increase in rollout rates for six key technologies to achieve the five-year Deploy plan

Wind turbines are one of six technologies - alongside batteries, wind pumps, wind turbines, solar panels and electrolysers - Australian households, industry and transport can rollout to do the heavy lifting in reducing our emissions by 81% by 2030.

Our Deploy plan shows, in the next five years, we need to install clean technology at a rate of about two units or appliances per household. The good news is, we already know how to make these key technologies  – we just need to make more of them and put them to work.

Mass deployment of emission reducing technologies like wind turbines can create jobs, reduce energy costs, revitalise manufacturing in our regions and urban centres, and help stimulate a green export industry triple the size of our current fossil fuel exports.