Critical Minerals

Needed for advanced technology manufacturing

Components of crucial technologies

Critical minerals are components in indispensable technologies like mobile phones, computers, and defence and medical equipment. Many critical minerals are also used in the manufacture of clean technologies like EVs, wind turbines, solar panels, and rechargeable batteries.

Australia has 26 different critical minerals

The Australian Government has named 26 critical minerals, which were chosen based on their geological value and export potential, particularly with partner countries like the United Kingdom, United States, India, Japan, South Korea, and Canada. The critical minerals are listed here and in the Critical Minerals Strategy 2023–2030.

Vulnerabilities in supply chains

Mineral production or processing monopolies by specific countries or companies can pose significant threats to critical mineral supply chains. Such dominance has the potential to restrict availability and disrupt global access. Australia can reduce these risks by fulfilling more of this supply chain onshore.

The following products and services are ready right now to play their part in Australia’s transition

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December 21, 2023

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