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“We are proud to support this important work, which has led to a distinct shift in public sentiment around decarbonisation. Australia has a fantastic opportunity to drive up innovation, productivity growth and high-quality jobs by embracing renewables. This work has never been more important."

Mike Cannon-Brookes - Chair, Boundless

“BZE is a hugely effective force. Its extensive network of volunteer expertise, its active and influential Board and its talented staff have together produced tremendous impact. They will continue to play an important role in the country’s transition to a clean and bright future."

Daniel Pediaditis, Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation

“BZE is a catalyst for real change. The BZE team do great research and have the connections in government and business to get it implemented.”

Jeff Wicks, ACME Foundation

"Beyond Zero Emissions is one of the most effective organisations in Australia working to address climate."

Giving Green, 2021

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