Battery technology

Batteries play a crucial role in the reliable integration of renewable energy sources. Australian made battery technology is already powering production here and around the world.

Batteries are a particularly valuable form of energy storage

Batteries can be turned on and off within a fraction of a second, allowing them to convert stored energy into electricity and provide instant power as needed. They can be used in situations where a large amount of power is required, such as in electric vehicles and mobile devices. To date, the prevailing compact battery designs have depended heavily on critical minerals, notably lithium.

Not all batteries need lithium

The most critical of minerals for batteries, such as lithium, can be prioritised for mobile applications. In vehicles, phones and other devices that move, it is important that the energy storage in them is small and light. Batteries that do not move, such as the big batteries that firm our electricity grid, can often be heavier and bigger. More economical battery designs can be used for these stationary batteries.

For grid firming, batteries can also team up with other forms of energy storage that take a little longer to turn on and off, such as pumped hydro. The ability of a battery to respond instantaneously can be used. Batteries can provide energy for a few seconds while the other energy storage turns on.

The underlying function of a battery is similar regardless of its scale

Whether it’s a phone battery, home battery, community scale battery or a ‘big’ power plant battery, the underlying function is similar. Batteries can also provide important backup electricity for telecommunications, public transportation and medical procedures.

A local battery manufacturer in the Hunter

Our Hunter Energy Evolution video series showcases the cutting-edge innovations and potential of the Hunter region's businesses in the cleantech space. 3ME Technology is one of these power players leading the way.

The following products and services are ready right now to play their part in Australia’s transition

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December 21, 2023

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