Wind technology

Australia is already producing essential components for wind-generated electricity.

Synergy between wind and solar energy

Wind is complementary to solar because it’s often available when the sun isn’t, which helps to create a consistent supply of renewable energy. This is especially true when wind turbines are located at sea, where wind speeds are stronger and more consistent. Offshore wind typically generates electricity at times when demand is higher, further enhancing its compatibility as a renewable energy source. Once installed, solar (and wind) both offer cost-effective electricity generation, require minimal maintenance and do not create pollution or greenhouse gas emissions.

Deploying renewable energy generation and storage

To rapidly progress towards a 100% renewable energy powered and firmed economy, we must accelerate the deployment of renewable energy generators to replace fossil fuel power stations and build in energy storage at the utility scale and through distributed systems (households and commercial buildings). This transition would entail adding 32.6 GW of new large-scale wind farms in the next five years.

Investigation finds considerable potential

In 2023, the Australian Government declared an area of the Bass Strait off Gippsland as Australia’s first offshore wind zone. This move allows the Latrobe Valley community, historically reliant on fossil fuel industries for employment, to participate in the transition towards renewable energy. Several other Australian initiatives are exploring similar proposals for offshore wind projects, further enhancing the country's commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

The following products and services are ready right now to play their part in Australia’s transition

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September 21, 2023

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