Webinar | Launching our Deploy report

October 19, 2022

Ambitious cleantech rollout to cut emissions and build a prosperous Australian economy

Australia can cut 81% of emissions by 2030, using clean technologies available now.

Join us for the launch of Deploy, a report that maps a path to how we can do a lot more. By scaling up our use of technologies and innovations here today, we can create a cleaner tomorrow.

A rapid cleantech rollout now is an enormous opportunity for Australia to cut emissions, create jobs and lay the economic foundations for modern and competitive export industries.

In this special webinar, hear from the team behind the report. Dr Jane Sewell, our Head of Research, will explore what’s possible, while Senior Policy Analyst Lea Lewin will share how we’re working with industry to help make it happen. You’ll also meet Chris Taylor, CEO of Reclaim Energy – an innovative business showcased in the report.


Jane Sewell, Beyond Zero Emissions

Jane Sewell

Head of Research

Jane is the Head of Research at Beyond Zero Emissions. She brings over a decade of communication, project management and stakeholder engagement experience to the role, having worked across government, academia, not-for-profit and higher education sectors. Jane started her career as a biomedical research scientist, gaining a PhD in oncology before transitioning to science communication and broader management roles in areas including international health, cancer research and hearing. She is passionate about sustainability, the environment, community and social justice.

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