Beyond Zero Emissions showcases Australian cleantech companies at COP27

November 10, 2022

Leading Australian think tank Beyond Zero Emissions is curating a showcase of Australian cleantech this week at COP27 on behalf of the Australian Government

Leading Australian think tank Beyond Zero Emissions is curating a showcase of Australian cleantech this week at COP27 on behalf of the Australian Government.

This exhibition, the Beyond Zero Emissions “Cleantech Hub”, features rising stars of Australia’s zero-emissions manufacturing industry at the Australia Pavilion, including:

  • 5B: groundbreaking rapidly deployable solar technology making projects faster and safer to build
  • SwitchDin: Australian energy technology company that is enabling clean, distributed electricity grids
  • Sunshine Hydro: Australian green technology company developing and catalysing projects that combine renewable energy, pumped hydro and green hydrogen around the world
  • Kardinia Energy: Hunter-based company manufacturing printed solar; a low-cost solar energy technology that is rapidly scalable, flexible, lightweight and 100% recyclable

Sanaya Khisty, Beyond Zero Emissions Chief Strategy Officer, said, “We are delighted to bring some of the most innovative companies from Australia’s regions to the world stage. This showcase is an announcement to political leaders and the international community that Australian cleantech is open for business.

“These businesses embody a major opportunity to revitalise Australian manufacturing through Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts. Beyond Zero Emissions’ research shows that Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts can become world-leading engine rooms where regional centres like Gladstone and the Hunter manufacture highly valuable products for the global green economy.

“With a small commitment from the Australian government, these cleantech clusters can give Australian manufacturers an edge over international rivals by being powered by low-cost, reliable renewable energy.

“Here at COP27, we’re providing a glimpse into a bright future for Australian manufacturing. Australia has the chance to become a green exports powerhouse through Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts. This is a $333 billion opportunity that will set Australia up to prosper as the global economy decarbonises.”

Nicole Kuepper-Russell, Deputy CEO of 5B said, “COP27 is a chance to show the world Australia can play a leadership role in cleantech. At 5B we are transforming the way large off-grid and grid connected solar projects are delivered using prefabrication and semi-autonomous deployment. Solar will play an important role in decarbonising economies but it needs to be deployed faster to avoid the impact of catastrophic climate change. 5B has the technology to solve that part of the problem.”

Andrew Mears, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of SwitchDin said, “We’re proud to be an Australian company that is taking the lead towards a decarbonised grid by using our software to enable zero emission businesses and homes. Distributed energy resources like rooftop solar, batteries and EVs are accelerating this transition though utilities are struggling to keep up as they reduce their dependence on fossil fuels. At SwitchDin, we’ve built software tools to orchestrate these distributed resources and simplify the delivery of clean and affordable electricity so as to benefit communities and drive the economy.”

Rick McElhinney, Chief Executive Officer of Sunshine Hydro said, “It’s exciting to bring Australian innovation to the world stage. Sunshine Hydro is set to play a key role in helping to decarbonize the planet using our software technology (AESOP). We will keep the lights on through the delivery of time matched 100% green energy to power industry and energy networks 24/7.”

Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) is an independent think tank focused on publishing and promoting solutions to climate change. BZE produces research and works alongside renewable energy and cleantech manufacturers to demonstrate how Australia can prosper in a zero-emissions economy.

BZE has collaborated with the Australian Government to exhibit regionally-based Australian manufacturers, including high purity aluminium, modular solar, renewable energy storage and more at the world’s biggest annual climate conference, COP27.

Further information

The Beyond Zero Emissions “Cleantech Hub” at the Australia Pavilion will exhibit at the following times during the COP27 conference:

  • Friday 11/11 9AM-10AM (Decarbonisation Day) (EET – Eastern European Time)
  • Tuesday 15/11 9AM-10AM (Energy Day) (EET – Eastern European Time)

The full list of companies and organisations featuring at the Beyond Zero Emissions “Cleantech Hub”, including through video content:

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