Gladstone heavyweights show their support for a Renewable Energy Industrial Precinct

August 11, 2021

Support comes from all three levels of government and across the political spectrum

Key figures from all three levels of government and from industry have expressed support for a Renewable Energy Industrial Precinct in Gladstone, Queensland.

A story in the Gladstone Observer on Wednesday reported on the work of Beyond Zero Emissions that shows how a Renewable Energy Industrial Precinct would add $2 billion to the economy and provide nearly 11,000 ongoing jobs by 2032 if built in Gladstone.

The piece included expressions of support from Liberal Nationals MP and Member for Flynn Ken O’Dowd:

“This will provide options to reduce emissions in our existing and new manufacturing industries long term,” he said.

“Research into cleaner energy programs will always be welcome.

“Gladstone is positioned well for diversifying its energy and manufacturing mix, with new opportunities in hydrogen, ammonia, high purity alumina and even wind turbine blade manufacture having the potential to support innovation and employ our community in a Renewable Energy Industrial Precinct.”

Other expressions of support came from Labor’s Member for Gladstone Glenn Butcher and Gladstone mayor Matt Burnett.

Read the full story here.

Simon Currie, Principal of project developer Energy Estate also showed their support for a Renewable Energy Industrial Precinct in Gladstone:

“Energy Estate strongly supports the development of Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts in Gladstone and the wider CQ region. Our vision builds on the strength of the existing industries and the region’s skilled and agile workforce. These strengths and the natural advantages of the region will help attract new industry and enable Central Queensland to be the future energy capital of Australia for generations to come.

“The future isn’t just about exporting raw materials but manufacturing the equipment needed for the energy transition and exporting high-value products just like the Boyne aluminium smelter, the two alumina refineries and the LNG facilities do today.”

The research was released by leading economic analysts ACIL Allen and commissioned by Beyond Zero Emissions and WWF-Australia. It also showed a Renewable Energy Industrial Precinct in Gladstone will attract capital investment of $7.8 billion to the region, including $1.7 billion in for key infrastructure such as storage/firming facilities.

The full report can be found on the Beyond Zero Emissions website.

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