Newcastle and the Hunter’s Energy Evolution

April 24, 2023

The world is shifting to green energy and clean manufacturing faster than ever before, and this is a shift we’re seeing happen in our own backyard.

Out of the Square Media and Beyond Zero Emissions are proud to announce the release of a new independently funded series called "Newcastle and The Hunter's Energy Evolution".

(L) Sam Mella, Beyond Zero Emissions. (R) Marty Adnum, Out of the Square

The video series will initially highlight ten ‘Power Players’ of the clean tech industry in the Hunter Region of NSW, showcasing the innovation and manufacturing capabilities of the region, and demonstrating the leadership shown by this region in Australia’s clean energy transition.

The series features some of the most innovative and dynamic companies in the clean energy industry, including MGA Thermal, Janus Electric, Energy Renaissance, SwitchDin, Ampcontrol, BME, 3ME Technology, Milltech Martin Bright, Port of Newcastle and University of Newcastle NIER.

These ‘Power Players’ are part of a growing group at the forefront of the clean energy evolution, driving change and championing a sustainable future. The series provides an insight into their inspiring stories, experience and industry knowledge. It covers a range of topics, including the latest innovations in clean energy and clean technology, the importance of manufacturing in the Hunter and Australia, the energy transition, and the skills required for the future.

“We had observed these organisations independently doing great work. But hadn’t seen it put in context of how the Hunter as a whole was kicking significant goals. So we wanted to create a showcase that neatly did that, to allow others to promote and celebrate this developing asset.” said Marty Adnum, Managing Director of Out of the Square Media. “This series is a testament to these progressive and industry leading organisations, and the many more still to emerge, which along with our existing advanced manufacturing will put our region in the box seat for future growth.”

Sam Mella, Hunter Engagement Lead from Beyond Zero Emissions, added: “This series is an excellent opportunity to showcase the Hunter region’s deep expertise in energy and manufacturing. Hunter businesses are innovating and manufacturing the critical new technologies that are essential for industry, regions and households to reach zero emissions both locally and globally.

‘Newcastle and The Hunter’s Energy Evolution’ is a celebration of the efforts and achievements of the ‘Power Players’ and a testament to the region’s growing contribution to the clean energy industry in Australia.”

Videos will be released weekly, commencing 24 April 2023, at

Video Release Order

●  24 April – Series Announcement
●  27 April – Janus Electric
●  30 April – Port of Newcastle
●  4 May – University of Newcastle NIER
●  7 May – Milltech Martin Bright
●  11 May – SwitchDin
●  14 May – 3ME Technology
●  18 May – MGA Thermal
●  21 May – Ampcontrol
●  25 May – Energy Renaissance
●  28 May – BME
●  31 May – Theme Video 1
●  04 June – Theme Video 2

About Out of the Square Media: Out of the Square Media is a leading Newcastle based Creative Agency and passionate advocate of the Hunter Region. Along with creating video content, marketing strategies and brand development for a significant client base. It also generates many self funded ‘passion projects’ designed to support and showcase the assets of the region.

Marty Adnum, Founder & Managing Director
0409 327 768

About Beyond Zero Emissions: Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) is an independent think tank creating solutions for a prosperous zero-emissions Australia. BZE works with industry, political decision-makers and regional communities to present optimistic and compelling solutions that accelerate climate action and turbo-charge Australia’s shift to a zero-emissions economy.

Sam Mella, Senior Project Manager
0403 194 531

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