Webinar | National Supergrid: Connecting Australians to a zero-emissions future

February 21, 2023

‘National Supergrid’ outlines a five-year grid investment program to build the foundation from which Australia can become a renewable energy powerhouse.

Connecting Australians to a zero-emissions future.

Australia can become a renewable energy superpower that manufactures and exports high demand zero-emissions products to all corners of the world. But to become a green exports powerhouse – an economic opportunity worth $333 billion per year by 2050 – first we need to build the energy grid infrastructure to deliver cheap renewable energy from where it is generated to where it is used. We need a National Supergrid. You’re invited to Beyond Zero Emissions’ first briefing to launch the “National Supergrid” report. Join us to hear how immediate investment by the federal government in nation-building energy grid infrastructure can set up our economy to thrive for generations to come.

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Kelvin Wicks


Kelvin is a Researcher at Beyond Zero Emissions, specialising in large-scale home retrofits. Inspired by the Beyond Zero Emissions's Stationary Energy Plan, and our ambitious climate solutions when he was a first year undergraduate, Kelvin joined as a volunteer before becoming a Research Assistant in 2020. Kelvin graduated from the University of Melbourne in both environmental engineering and building energy efficiency. He brings an interdisciplinary approach to designing practical built environment and climate solutions.

Heidi Lee


Heidi was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Beyond Zero Emissions in 2020. In the decade prior she held several leadership roles at Beyond Zero Emissions, including on the Buildings Plan, as Board Director and Chair, as Business and Industry Lead, and leading our successful Million Jobs Plan. Heidi is an expert in sustainable buildings and urban design and brings 20 years of experience in creating sustainable cities to her role at Beyond Zero Emissions.

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