Webinar | Export Powerhouse: Australia's $333B Opportunity

October 27, 2021

How Australia can ‘Go for Gold’ and can secure its position as a leader in the green exports market

We’re excited to present our new report, 'Export Powerhouse', which shows how Australia's green exports could grow to almost triple the value of our existing fossil fuel exports by 2050.

As the world decarbonises, Australia can either become a green export powerhouse and reindustrialise the nation or miss our chance by not acting today.

Research by Beyond Zero Emissions shows Australia can pursue an ambitious ‘Go for Gold’ scenario and secure a significant share of the global market for growth commodities, such as:

  • Green steel
  • Renewable hydrogen
  • Renewable ammonia
  • Green aluminium

Join us as we dive deeper into the possibilities that lie ahead for Australia’s energy exports, featuring special guest Kobad Bhavnagri! Kobad, an expert in clean energy at BloombergNEF, will join CEO Heidi Lee and Head of Policy & Research, Tom Quinn, from the Beyond Zero Emissions team for this exciting event. Register here, and be sure to read the report ahead of the webinar!

Webinar recording

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