National Energy Transition Authority Bill 2022

November 22, 2022

BZE has worked extensively with industry and government stakeholders to develop the concept of Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts, which is a model for decarbonising industry and protecting manufacturing jobs by repowering them with renewable energy

Energy transition is essential for Australia to maximise the benefits of a zero-emissions economy - such as the $333 billion green export opportunity identified in our Export Powerhouse report (almost triple the value of 2019 fossil fuel exports). If established, the National Energy Transition Authority may be interested in our most recent report, Deploy, which outlines the scale of available technology required to transition Australia to 100% renewable energy by 2030. We will soon be releasing a follow-up report which focuses on the holistic development of a National Supergrid, infrastructure that is essential to support the energy transition, including transmission, firming/storage, distribution, system security and equitable access.

As current fossil fuel communities and workforces are a core responsibility of the Authority, within this consultation we recommend in particular:

  • supporting Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts as a place based model for repowering industry with renewable energy to sustain regional industrial heritage and protect manufacturing jobs
  • supporting a clean commodity export target to grow Australia’s exports
  • supporting local clean technology manufacturing


Australia’s industrial regions have a proud tradition of powering our industry and manufacturing sectors.

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