AEMO Methodology 2023 Submission

January 5, 2023

BZE recommends AEMO integrate a Renewable Energy Industrial Precinct (REIP) methodology that models energy system priorities that enable industrial decarbonisation pathways for both domestic and green export scenarios. These scenarios should be 1.5 degrees aligned.

Our key recommendation for AEMO’s Methodology at this time relates to our work with Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts (REIPs). We would encourage inclusion of a REIP methodology (provision of common user infrastructure to clusters of manufactures in existing industrial heartlands) to model energy system priorities that enable industrial decarbonisation. Modelling should assume only scenarios that are 1.5 degrees aligned and include both domestic and export economic growth scenarios. We have expanded this idea in the following six pages, and would welcome the opportunity to discuss any of this information further.


We strongly support AEMO’s Integrated System Plan work as a key step to enabling electricity system planning to be delivered across the energy system.

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