Zero Carbon Communities Guide (2017)

Our free Zero Carbon Communities guide provides a simple framework and key steps to show how you can create a zero carbon community. It is based on research that demonstrates zero emissions are achievable and affordable now.Zero Carbon Communities Guide - cover

It will give you confidence to take action, improve knowledge transfer and innovation and point aspiring communities towards a growing number of relevant resources to achieve zero carbon status.

Download the Zero Carbon Communities Guide (PDF, 9MB)

Steps to a Zero Carbon Community

Every community is unique but our guide contains steps that can be customised so you can take your community towards zero emissions:

  1. Community engagement
  2. Emissions reduction target
  3. Council endorsement
  4. Baseline emissions
  5. Project options
  6. Transition Strategy
  7. Reporting and review
  8. Storytelling
  9. Investment

Download the Zero Carbon Communities Guide (PDF, 9MB)

Join the community

Our vision is to grow the network of communities across Australia that are working together to achieve zero carbon status. Beyond Zero Emissions can support your community if you are looking to reduce emissions.

Join the community to be part of this ground-breaking work as an individual, community group, or local council.

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