Victorian communities getting going on 100% renewable energy

Pictured: 100%RE Nillumbik Shire – first meeting. Back: Ian Culbard,Councillor Grant Brooker, Charles Danby, Peter Voutier, Gary Flood, John Brenan, Imogen Jubb Front: Samantha Chalton, Marguerite Marshall, Kahn Franke, Daryl Brooke

Three Victorian communities will be accelerating 100% renewable energy plans in 2017 thanks to the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.

BZE is proud to have received a LMCF grant in September 2016 and was able to commence working on plans for 100% renewable energy for these communities in October as part of BZEs national Zero Carbon Communities program.

Nillumbik Shire is one of the communities we are working with. The council already has a good climate change strategy and the community are gearing up to take the zero carbon community challenge further.

Not only will these communities be on their way to zero-carbon electricity but they will also demonstrating to all of Australia’s communities how to ‘go to zero’ as quickly as possible.

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Thank you LMCF!

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