“The Coal Truth”

Monday 5th November 2018

” Corporations are the ones gambling away our planet and our governments are running the casino” Polly Higgins “Ecocide”

David Ritter talks to Vivien Langford about his book The Coal Truth.

He pays tribute to the millions of acts of courage activists make.

It might be to stop Adani,  to prevent land clearing or halt gas drilling in the NT.  Wherever he goes the laws are inadequate to protect biodiversity, the biosphere and us. Why is that?

As CEO of Greenpeace he talks about peace and his difficulty with wartime analogies.
He is inspired my his mother’s spirit in the blitz where they never thought of defeat.

We talk about how anyone with children,  even Barnaby Joyce, must think about what 4 degrees of warming will do to the world we are spoiling at such a great rate.

He sees  anger everywhere at the weakness of our laws and governments.  His conclusion?  People think the coal and gas industries are taking the piss.  The Coal Truth is a humane and personal look at the great challenge of our time.

The music we hear is from a Kiribati choir at the Edmund Rice Centre
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