Safe Climate Transition Act

Video of Discussion Group: 30 Oct 2017: Safe Climate Transition Act

Philip Sutton presents the “consultation draft” of a “Safe Climate Transition (No More Bad Investment) Act”.

Philip from RSTI, a research and strategy organisation, and Sarah Brugler from Environmental Justice Australia have drafted a model Act in a new paradigm of legislative action, that has an overarching purpose to initiate the rapid transition to a safe climate economy by preventing the creation of new economic activity that is likely to have adverse impacts on achieving it. For example, this Act prohibits:

  • construction of any new fossil fuel mines or expansion of the fossil-fuelled electricity generation sector,
  • an increase in manufacturing of vehicles fully powered by fossil fuels, and
  • the supply of most fossil-fuelled appliances.

This sort of legislation would drive the implementation of the BZE Zero Carbon Australia plans which describe how to transition every sector of the Australian economy to zero emissions within 10 years.

You can (1) watch the video of the talk or (2) hear the audio and (3) see the slides which went with the presentation.

Watch the video

View on the BZE YouTube Channel or

Presentation slides

Slides (77Kb PDF) 

Audio of presentation

The discussion group was held in a different location from usual:
Elisabeth Murdoch Theatre A*,
Spencer Road, University of Melbourne

Thank you to the University of Melbourne Australian-German Climate and Energy College, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, and Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI), our Zero Carbon Australia project partners for supporting us in bringing you this event.

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