Tristan Edis: Green Energy Markets, policy & tech

In this podcast, Beyond Zero radio talks to Tristan Edis, Energy, carbon markets & technology analyst and director at Green Energy Markets. He is also Former Editor at Climate Spectator and Grattan Institute Energy Fellow, and speaks about renewable energy policy, politics and tech news.

“based on the March edition of the Green Energy Markets’ Renewable Energy Index, Australia won’t just manage to meet the current [renewable energy] 33,000GWh target, it will likely pass 41,000 GWh.” by Tristan Edis  [Photo supplied]

BZE Technology Radio Show: 8 June 2018: Podcast

Beyond Zero Emissions talks to Tristan Edis

BZE Interviewers: Natalie Bucknell, Kay Wennagel, Michael Staindl

Interview broadcast on: 8 June 2018

From Radio 3CR in Melbourne, Australia

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