In the Land of the Lyrebirds

Mon 30th October 2017

In the land of the lyrebirds  everyone is enthralled.

Scientists  measuring the carbon stock, citizens battling the pulp mill, visionaries with maps of the linked up forests, all pause.
The first people who came in to this moist forest with its giant trees going back hundreds of years, must have laughed to hear the lyrebird imitate a kookaburra, imitate a cracking branch, imitate them. When the wildfires went through what a thing to be mourned.
As we learn new words like eco- system services and legacy industries, what will be the future of this carbon dense series of forests from central Victoria to Southern NSW?. They are our richest ecological asset.

Bringing you  a narrative of restoration in these febrile times of climate disruption:

Paul Payton from the Great Southern Forest Alliance

Dr Heather Keith  from The Fenner School of Environment and Society A.N.U.

Steve Meacher from The Great Forest National Park

Daisy Barham from Nature Conservation Council of N.S.W.

Interviews by Vivien Langford and Kurt Johnson. Production by Andy Britt. Podcast by Jodie Green and Roger Vize

Youtube by wildlife artist Stephen Powell

Further reading :

Tom Griffiths-  Forests of Ash . An environmental history.
Heather Keith -The Conversation “Money can’t buy me love, but you can put a price on a tree. Oct 11th 2017
The Great Forest National Park



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