Zero Carbon Industry Project

The production of everyday materials like steel, chemicals, plastics and cement is the source of 30% of global emissions, and around a 20% of emissions in Australia. Without decarbonising industry, we stand little chance of achieving the Paris climate goals.

Moving to 100% renewable energy will solve only a small part of the problem. Most industrial emissions are the result of generating heat by burning fossil fuels. Another major source is chemical reactions during processing. For example, cement-making alone causes 8% of global emissions, mostly due to chemical processes and heat requirements.

Four areas within the industry sector

BZE’s groundbreaking research aims to describe zero carbon solutions for industry, focusing on four areas:

. The first area is cement, and we have reported on this research:

. Coming industry sector research

Other areas that we will be researching and reporting on are:

  • Renewable heat – how heat for industrial processes can be produced from zero emission sources
  • Steel – how steel can be made without coal
  • Using less – how we can reduce waste and be smarter about the way we use materials in a zero-carbon world.

Our research so far demonstrates that zero carbon industry is entirely possible, and that we can get a long way using a range of technologies that are already commercialised, but not yet mainstream.


Events associated with the Zero Carbon Industry Project

The lead researcher for this project is Michael Lord

This work is under active investigation.  If you think you could contribute then please contact us.

If you want to support this research by donating, click here.

Video of discussion of this project:


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