How to “subscribe to our podcasts” and “use our audio player”

When you subscribe to a BZE radio podcast:

  • new BZE radio shows are automatically downloaded onto your device, or
  • you can be alerted when a new show is available for downloading,
  • you can listen to the BZE radio shows when you want,
  • you can delete individual shows,
  • you can unsubscribe.

BZE has 4 podcast streams & you can subscribe using RSS

You can subscribe to these podcast streams by pasting the following links into your RSS feed reader:

(1) For the weekly BZE Community Radio Show,

Subscribe by pasting the following link:

(2) For the weekly BZE Technology Radio Show,

Subscribe by pasting the following link:

(3) For some monthly BZE Discussion Group audio recordings,

Subscribe by pasting the following link:

(4) For a stream combining all the above three streams,

Subscribe by pasting the following link:

Here is our Audio Player set to play an example podcast:

Explanation of: Subscribe: iTunes | Android | Email | RSS | More:

Subscribe “iTunes” Link

You can subscribe to the BZE radio podcast on your iTunes account.

  • Click the “iTunes” link,
  • Click the “View in iTunes” button to open your iTunes application viewing the BZE podcasts,
  • Click the “Subscribe” button.

Subscribe “Android” Link

Subscribe to the BZE radio podcast using your Android app

Subscribe “Email” Link

You can have the podcast show audio mp3 files emailed to you.

Subscribe “RSS” Link

Using this RSS  link is another way to subscribe to the BZE radio podcasts using RSS.  It populates your RSS reader as podcasts become available:

  • Click the “RSS” link.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the application you want to use
  • Click the “Subscribe Now” button.

Subscribe “More” Link

This link provides yet more ways of subscribing

The audio player controls explained

The features of the player from the left are:

  • A play / pause button
  • Time played already (hours: minutes: seconds)
  • Progress bar
  • Total podcast time (hours: minutes: seconds)
  • Mute button
  • Volume control

“Play in new window” Link

Click on “play in new window” to play the podcast in a new window. This is an easy way for you to listen to the radio show, while continuing to browse our website.

“Download” Link

You can download the BZE mp3 podcast file onto your device.

  • Click on the “download” link
  • Choose where to save the file on your hard drive

“Duration 28:12”

This is the time needed to listen to the entire podcast.
The duration of the example podcast is 28 minutes 12 seconds.

“12.9 MB” Podcast File Size

This is the size of the podcast file in millions of bytes.
The size of the example podcast is 12.9 megabytes.

“Embed” Link

If you like a particular BZE radio show, you can you can play this show from within your own website.

  • Click on “embed” to generate html code,
  • Paste the code into your website,
  • Listen to the show you like by clicking play on the inserted audio player.

The example podcast

The example podcast is a BZE radio show about using a heat pump to generate hot water for a home. This show is described further here.

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