Ecoult hybrid lead-acid battery and ultracapacitor

Ecoult hybrid lead-acid battery and ultracapacitor

Monday 1 October 2018 @ 6:30 pm AEST

Invented by Australia’s CSIRO,  Ecoult’s UltraBattery is a hybrid energy storage device – a chemical combination of a lead-acid battery and a carbon ultracapacitor.  It achieves higher-rate partial-state-of-charge (PSoC) operation with extended longevity and high efficiency.  Applications range in renewable energy integration from residential to microgrids, frequency regulation and grid services.  Robert Stevenson,  Ecoult’s Engineering Communications Manager, will join us.

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WHEN: 6:30 – 8pm Monday 1 October 2018
Cuming Theatre, Chemistry Building 153
Masson Rd, Parkville VIC 3052
University of Melbourne

Getting there:
Take any tram on Swanston Street and get off at Stop 1, Melbourne University.
Gold coin donation
All welcome.

Thank you to the University of Melbourne: Australian-German Climate and Energy College, Zero Carbon Australia supporters for sponsoring this event venue.
Everyone is welcome to come along to the pub to continue the discussion after 8pm!
For those who can’t attend you will find the video recording of this event on the BZE YouTube Channel and via a link on this page.

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