Crowd Funding: Zero-Carbon Industry Plan

On December 1st Beyond Zero Emissions embarked on a crowd funding campaign, to fund our Zero-Carbon Industry Plan.

Then on December 14th our amazing BZE Newcastle coordinator, a treasured colleague and volunteer, Jennifer Bates, was killed in a road accident.

In the days following the accident Jen’s family approached us – might we be able to accept donations in memory of Jen at the Zero-Carbon Industries crowdfunding campaign site, so that part of Jen’s legacy could fund the completion of the Zero Carbon Australia project she loved?

So, we are incredibly humbled and inspired that this crowdfunding campaign and this project is now in memory of Jen.

Please know anybody is welcome to pledge to this important and exciting project. With your support we will bust the myths that say industry still needs gas and coal. With your support we will show in full detail how zero-carbon industries – including industries such as steel and cement making – are all possible.

Click here to join the crowd funding campaign.


The Zero Carbon Industry Plan will be the first in the world to show in detail how to fully decarbonize the industrial sector. It will help position Australia as a world leader in zero-carbon industry, and if implemented it would cut around 12% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Our research team has started the research for this plan. Now we need your help to write, publish and promote it. You can help:

  • Share our crowd funding promotions, say by using the social sharing buttons at the foot of this page, or those on our crowd funding page, and
  • Click here to join the crowd funding.

We have organised this via a crowd funding organisation called “Chuffed”. When you click to “join the crowd funding”, this website will pass you to the BZE page on chuffed.  Here you can make a one off donation using a credit card or PayPal. BZE has used chuffed in the past and have found it secure.

If you prefer, you can support BZE through our normal donation process.

Thank you.


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