Defending Human Rights as Climate Changes (Supplement) —The Human Face of Climate Change.

Monday 10th December  2018

Supplement to Monday Community Show

The Human Face of Climate Change

As unprecedented fires sent thousand into emergency shelters in QLD, leaders in medicine,
meditation, many faiths and government met in Parliament house to explore the human
face if climate change.
The day before student leaders , their parents and teachers were locked out.
Phillip president of the Multi Faith Association SA had gathered us to talk about  having the courage to face what we have to do as time is running out for drawdown at scale.
Councillor Jo Dodds from Bega Valley Shire in NSW speaks about the Tathra fires , how they were fuelled by our exports of coal and gas and how they had changed lives forever.
Matthew Knight organised the  visitors including friendly MPs into a human sign saying NOW.
Feb 19th 2019 you can join them at Tathra as they take leadership in a bid to go 100% renewable energy by 2020. Regional areas need your help.
We heard about how delicate a child’s lungs are from Doctors for the Environment.
Transitioning from coal fired power and petrol fuelled cars and planes is vital.
Then Sikh, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Muslim leaders helped us to connect with our deeper values.
A simpler life and a change of consciousness will stop us going over  the cliff.

Mapuche Murders

The Chilean community of Sydney mourns the murder by police  of a young indigenous man.
The corporate plantations taking over in southern Chile are making a desert out of  farmlands and the local ecology. Water has to be brought in and the resistance of these environmental defenders is being repressed.
On Human Rights day you can take action through Amnesty International to bring to justice
those who shot Camillo Catrillanca.

Climate Change is intensifying contests over land and water and people on the front line are facing a frontier mentality. Let us defend them.

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