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The BZE Radio Community Show is a one hour podcast focusing on climate solutions across society locally, regionally and around the globe and goes live every Monday at 5pm. The show aims to provide up-to-date news about community climate solutions and events from around Australia, including interviews with scientists, community and business leaders and economists just to name a few.
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Defending Human Rights as Climate Changes

Monday 10th December  2018

Dr Scott Leckie – International human rights lawyer and founder of Displacement Solutions.
He works in places like Bangladesh and Myanmar helping people across the globe to ease the suffering of climate displacement.

Stella Miria Robinson – Is the roving ambassador for the Queensland Pacific Islanders Council.
She spoke to Vivian in Canberra at the Human Face of Climate Change event in parliament house.
Her plea is that we respect the right of everyone to their place on this Earth.

Jagveer Singh – A VCE Student received an award for leadership in climate action.
He is part of the growing school strike for climate action and has a very clear set of
demands and an idea how we need to achieve political change.


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Defending Human Rights as Climate Changes (Supplement) —The Human Face of Climate Change.

Monday 10th December  2018

Supplement to Monday Community Show

The Human Face of Climate Change

As unprecedented fires sent thousand into emergency shelters in QLD, leaders in medicine,
meditation, many faiths and government met in Parliament house to explore the human
face if climate change.
The day before student leaders , their parents and teachers were locked out.
Phillip president of the Multi Faith Association SA had gathered us to talk about  having the courage to face what we have to do as time is running out for drawdown at scale.
Councillor Jo Dodds from Bega Valley Shire in NSW speaks about the Tathra fires , how they were fuelled by our exports of coal and gas and how they had changed lives forever.
Matthew Knight organised the  visitors including friendly MPs into a human sign saying NOW.
Feb 19th 2019 you can join them at Tathra as they take leadership in a bid to go 100% renewable energy by 2020. Regional areas need your help.
We heard about how delicate a child’s lungs are from Doctors for the Environment.
Transitioning from coal fired power and petrol fuelled cars and planes is vital.
Then Sikh, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian and Muslim leaders helped us to connect with our deeper values.
A simpler life and a change of consciousness will stop us going over  the cliff.

Mapuche Murders

The Chilean community of Sydney mourns the murder by police  of a young indigenous man.
The corporate plantations taking over in southern Chile are making a desert out of  farmlands and the local ecology. Water has to be brought in and the resistance of these environmental defenders is being repressed.
On Human Rights day you can take action through Amnesty International to bring to justice
those who shot Camillo Catrillanca.

Climate Change is intensifying contests over land and water and people on the front line are facing a frontier mentality. Let us defend them.

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BZE 2018 Achievements

Monday 26th Nov 2018

Presenter/Producer:  Erin Jones
Topic:  BZE 2018 Achievements / EV Expo – Brisbane/ Federal Labor Climate & Energy Policy announcement

Michael Lord

We speak with Head of Research at BZE – Michael Lord.
Michael is the lead author of the Electrifying Industry Report, which was launched at the Electrifying Industry Summit on Sept 13th, 2018.
This work focusing on industrial processes including industrial heat is a world first.
Industrial processes represents 8% of Australia’s emissions – so is a significant contributor to the national emissions profile.
Michael gives us an update on how this research is being received – and the other achievements of BZE this year including receiving an international award, and the uptake of industry of the Rethinking Cement work.

Download the reports (for free) here:

Labour Climate & Energy Announcements

Petra Stock

Petra Stock – Climate Council –
The federal Labor opposition has updated its Climate and Energy Policy as it relates to the electricity sector.
We discuss what’s on the table including a boost of $10b in funding to the clean Energy Finance Corporation, subsides for batteries, and the establishment of a Just Transitions Authority with Climate Council Senior Climate and Energy Analyst – Petra Stock.

Australian Electric Vehicle Association AEVA
EV Expo – Brisbane

We chat with Gary Creighton one of the organisers of the Brisbane EV Expo
The EV Expo saw exhibitors including Renault, Nissan, Hyundai and various other e-mobility modes of transport.


Michael Lord
Lead Author – Electrifying Industry
BZE Head of Research

Petra Stock
Climate Council
Senior Energy and Climate Solutions Analyst

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Victorian Election – Climate Analysis

Monday 19th November 2018

Presenter: Erin Jones

Key Topic: Victorian State Election

Analysis of the Victorian State Election from a Climate perspective with guests :

Leigh Ewbank – Act on Climate Co-ordinator,  and 

Pat Simons – Yes to Renewables Co-ordinator

Save Westernport update with spokesperson Louise Page

Overview of the student lead Schools Strike 4 Climate initiative with Sydney high school student Jean Hinchliffe from Fort St High School.


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‘After the Smoke Clears’ Part 3

Monday 12th November 2018

After the smoke clears what about politics?

Today we return to Morwell to look into what happens when coal country goes to the polls.

The seat of Morwell is marginal and, in the words of Independent Tracie Lund,
“across the nation people are looking at this seat”.
Will another clean coal power station get the green light, or will the people vote
for a greener carbon free future?

Kurt Johnson will be speaking to a range of candidates for the seat to find out what they
stand for in relation to the transition to renewables, and on climate change as a whole.

Tracie Lund is running as an independent, and advocates for a “people before politics” approach,
whereby her priority is investing in the community and its businesses.
She sees a role for coal in the short to medium future of Morwell but supports a transition away
from the industry in order to grow renewable energy options.

Ray Burgess, who represents a more conservative approach to climate change,
is an independent that is “not convinced” of the effects of CO2 on the climate.
He sees the coal industry as an integral part of Morwell’s future and believes in utilising
the regions “traditional strengths”.

Daniel Caffery is running as the candidate for Greens and is in strong opposition
to the opening of new mines in the region.
Despite acknowledging that the transition away from coal will be a difficult one,
it is essential in avoiding environmental destruction.
His long-term approach sees a creation of jobs in alternate industries and a large
assortment of associated benefits.

For more information go to:

Climate projections for the region available here:
Songs by musician: RoseTurtle Ertler
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Wind Power and Plant Power

Monday 5th November 2018

Mt Gellibrand Wind farm near Colac held an open day and Vivien Langford was there to find out the latest.

Then Paul Mahoney discusses the future of meat with Vivien.

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A Marshall Plan for the Climate

Monday 5th November 2018

Kevin Anderson –  Deputy Director of Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and advisor to British Government
Peter Sainsbury –  Associate Professor of Public Health at Sydney University

Oliver Yates-Former CEO of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation,Executive Director UPC

Last week we heard how the Canadian Parliament was suspended for an emergency debate on Canada’s response to the UN IPCC report. Tonight’s show explores what our Public Health, Banking and Infrastructure leaders are thinking needs to happen in these desperate times.

Kevin Anderson calls for a Marshall Plan for the climate.

He shows the scale of the transformation we need now.
He says there is a positive narrative about jobs,electrification and retrofitting our built environment. But he urges us not to forget that it is the wealthy 20% who are our highest emitters.
This is our chance to reshape the world economy for survival.
He is talking to Amy Goidman of “Democracy Now!”, who worries about populist leaders threatening to renege on their Paris Commitments. He says they are “noise” but that the trendline is world wide decarbonisation and we must redouble our efforts.

Peter Sainsbury responded to the pivotal IPCC report with an angry letter to The Lancet.
It was co-signed by top medical  professionals and Nobel prize winners.
A far cry from the Canadian Emergency debate , he sees our Parliamentary response to the IPCC science as contemptuous.
He talks about measures being taken to prepare for the medical emergencies climate disruptions are bringing.
The public Health sector is on the front foot . The call for no new coal mines, the removal of subsidies to fossil fuels,  a heightened Renewable Energy Target and Emissions Reduction targets under the Paris Agreement.
Climate Change and the health of Nations (Famine, fevers and the fate of populations) is a book by the late Anthony McMichael .
Dr Sainsbury introduces us to the sweep of its historical theme.  Medicine, which developed to such heights in the Holocene, must now help us face the future made harder by the Anthropocene climate.
Oliver Yates knows the scale of change needed.
Although   government ministers earn $450,000 per year,they are influenced by political donations. He calls for the public service to have permanence so they can speak the truth to the government. Policy failure on climate change exposes us all to grave risks.
As the former head of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and a Banker he knows it can be different. He gives us a dizzying list of innovative projects which  will effectively make us an exporter of energy instead of coal and gas. All we need is  progressive leadership.
The loud applause is from the Lighter Footprints event at Hawthorn Arts Centre where this short talk was recorded.
Thanks to Rob Anderson and the Lighter Footprints Group.
Thanks to ‘Democracy Now’ and to Roger Vize

This show was produced at the studios of 3CR by Vivien Langford

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“The Coal Truth”

Monday 5th November 2018

” Corporations are the ones gambling away our planet and our governments are running the casino” Polly Higgins “Ecocide”

David Ritter talks to Vivien Langford about his book The Coal Truth.

He pays tribute to the millions of acts of courage activists make.

It might be to stop Adani,  to prevent land clearing or halt gas drilling in the NT.  Wherever he goes the laws are inadequate to protect biodiversity, the biosphere and us. Why is that?

As CEO of Greenpeace he talks about peace and his difficulty with wartime analogies.
He is inspired my his mother’s spirit in the blitz where they never thought of defeat.

We talk about how anyone with children,  even Barnaby Joyce, must think about what 4 degrees of warming will do to the world we are spoiling at such a great rate.

He sees  anger everywhere at the weakness of our laws and governments.  His conclusion?  People think the coal and gas industries are taking the piss.  The Coal Truth is a humane and personal look at the great challenge of our time.

The music we hear is from a Kiribati choir at the Edmund Rice Centre
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Pacific and S.E Asian Climate Action : Nauru, Kiribati, Indonesia and Cambodia

Monday 29th October 2018

As Australia cancels payments into the Green Climate Fund, leaders call for climate action on the scale of the Marshall Plan.

Speakers at the ASEAN 2018 forum at Sydney University struggled with the challenges of developing countries within a carbon budget. Weak implementation of laws and “Catch me if you can” corporations are in their way.

Dr Rini Astuti

Vivien Langford met Dr Rini Astuti a peat land specialist. Did you know Indonesia has 24 million hectares of peat land? Through the peatland restoration program a transition is taking place. Incentives are being given to maintain carbon stocks. The alternative is slash and burn carbon emissions which are double the whole of Indonesia’s emissions.

Link to article




Dr Pichamon Yeophantong has done extensive field work in China and SE Asia with a special focus on human rights. We discuss the environmental impact of the Belt and Road initiative which is meant to be low carbon and climate friendly, but how?  Hydro electricity is certainly renewable but communities are standing up against some dams, Pichamon tells us why.
Link to article

Our Pacific neighbours need help in adapting to the climate change we are exporting with every subsidized tonne of coal or gas.



DR Anote Tong

Our Pacific neighbours need help in adapting to the climate change we are exporting with every subsidized tonne of coal or gas. Dr Anote Tong, the former president of Kiribati has been here not for “cash handouts” as alleged , but to interest us in the preservation of his nation and culture.  He tells Radio NZ Kathryn Rayne what he could do with $650million. Will we partner with him or leave it to another state?




Anja Kanngieser

Nauru is mainly known to us for its detention centre but Anja Kanngeiser went there with a climate listening project. We learn about the high cost of food and water, the dying reef fish and the king tides that knock out the road which circles the island. The intolerable heat and dust makes it clear that Nauru for citizens and refugees alike is on the frontline of climate change.

Link to article here


The Canadian parliament suspended business for an emergency debate in response to the October IPCC report. Senator Elizabeth May makes a rousing appeal for Canada to step up. To double its target at the next COP in Poland and then demand of all other nations like us to step up.  You can listen to the whole talk on the YouTube below.

Producer:Kurt Johnson,
Podcast: Roger Vize
Interviews: Vivian Langford

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“Thinking Big”

Monday 22nd October 2018

“Thinking Big” takes us to the Pilbara where CWP is planning to export gigawatts of wind and solar energy by undersea cable to Jakarta. Vivien Langford talks to

Andrew Dickson


Andrew Dickson about getting the social licence for this break through project to export renewable energy to Asia. What is the environmental impact and who will underwrite the finances for such a mega project?



Giles Parkinson

We talk to Giles Parkinson editor of REneweconomy who has been following this project, with enthusiasm.  He also outlines how pumped hydro energy storage can solve the headaches of “FIRMING”.  As some leaders create anxiety around the transition from coal and gas,  listeners do not panic when the sun doesn’t shine etc, there are many minds converging round these problems and we want to keep you up to date.

How could Tasmania become the Battery of the Nation?
At the AFR Energy summit Vivien heard a lot about gas as the way to achieve firming intermittent wind and solar power. But it is still a fossil fuel.

Steve Davey

Benjamin White

Then she met Steve Davey from TasHydro and Ben White (Head of stakeholder relations,  Community,  Environment and Planning for The Marinus Project at TasNetworks) from the Marinus Project. They are thinking big.  They tell us all about how as Victoria’s coal fired power retires gracefully, the energy stored by pumped hydro in Tasmania can be brought by the undersea Marinus cable to the eastern states.
Is this project in competition with Snowy 2.0 or do we need both sources to firm up the energy supply?  Is pumped hydro better than gas for firming?

Producer :Kurt Johnson,  Podcasts:  Roger Vize and Interviews:  Vivien Langford

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