Electrifying Industry (2018)

Manufacturers can replace fossil fuels with renewable electricity.  This eliminates up to 8% of Australian emissions. When you pour a can of beer,  open a jar,  read a book or buy a plastic drink bottle,  do you think about the energy used to make them? For manufacturers to transform raw materials into everyday products they [...]

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Rethinking Cement (2017)

Rethinking Cement is a research report presenting a pathway to zero carbon cement in Australia. Cement production is the biggest industrial producer of emissions, causing 8% of global carbon emissions – more than the global car fleet. The first stage of cement making is to transform limestone (calcium carbonate - CaCO3) into lime (CaO), thus [...]

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Rethinking Cement – launching on 18 August

On Friday 18 August our latest report – Rethinking Cement – will be launched in Newcastle. For a sneak peek, read about Michael’s recent conversation with Engineers Australia. Our Australian first report has been made possible by: 27 volunteer researchers and editors 25 experts providing pro bono consultation and peer review our project donors the [...]

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Zero Carbon in Industry: Podcast

In this podcast, BZE Radio talks about: How Australian industry can move to zero emissions. You may be surprised to learn that cement, steel, and in fact all energy-intensive materials, can be produced without fossil fuels! Who knew! (1) Cement can be made using fly-ash or using low-heat geo-polymers instead of limestone and coal. (2) [...]

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Industrial Processes: Discussion Group Video

BZE is currently researching ways of reducing the carbon dioxide emissions from Industrial Processes.  Michael Lord presented his findings so far and gathered valuable feedback from this well-informed audience. BZE Discussion Group: 7 November 2016. BZE is examining: How our industrial energy requirements can be supplied primarily from a 100% renewable electricity, Reducing emissions from [...]

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Zero Carbon Industry Project

The production of everyday materials like steel, chemicals, plastics and cement is the source of 30% of global emissions, and around a 20% of emissions in Australia. Without decarbonising industry, we stand little chance of achieving the Paris climate goals. Moving to 100% renewable energy will solve only a small part of the problem. Most [...]

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