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Rethinking Cement (2017)

Rethinking Cement is a research report presenting a pathway to zero carbon cement in Australia. Cement production is the biggest industrial producer of emissions, causing 8% of global carbon emissions – more than the global car fleet. The first stage of cement making is to transform limestone (calcium carbonate - CaCO3) into lime (CaO), thus [...]

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Zero Carbon Communities Guide (2017)

Our free Zero Carbon Communities guide provides a simple framework and key steps to show how you can create a zero carbon community. It is based on research that demonstrates zero emissions are achievable and affordable now. It will give you confidence to take action, improve knowledge transfer and innovation and point aspiring communities towards [...]

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The Energy Freedom Home (2015)

A practical guidebook for renovators & builders. Be comfortable, healthy and independent in an efficient home powered by renewable energy. You could wipe out your home energy bills, saving perhaps $2400 every year. That's "energy freedom" in your home! This guidebook is a great resource for people looking to renovate their homes.  The information is: [...]