Volunteer Coordinator (Paid Position)

Applications close: 13 July, 2018. Employer: Beyond Zero Emissions Location: Melbourne The volunteer coordinator will work with the CEO to grow and mobilise a national network of volunteers. The role will be responsible for administering our volunteer management program and providing support for volunteers. See full details via Ethical Jobs: http://www.ethicaljobs.com.au/Members/BeyondZeroEmissions/volunteer-coordinator-paid-position To be successful in [...]

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Bob Hale: Office Manager

Bob has an extensive background as a Senior Project Manager. His strengths lie in organisation, coordination, and following through to make sure tasks get done in a timely manner. He is adept at financial tracking, scheduling, Risk management, Issue Management, and People management. Bob has filled several roles at BZE, including managing the release of [...]

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BZE again ranks as a top international think tank

Beyond Zero Emissions is now ranked 50th, out of over 6,500 international think tanks, by The Lauder Institute at The University of Pennsylvania. BZE is one of only six Australian think tanks in this ranking.  Here BZE ranks alongside high-profile Australian think tanks, like the Grattan Institute. The Lauder Institute does this ranking to assist [...]

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Rethinking Cement (2017)

Rethinking Cement is a research report presenting a pathway to zero carbon cement in Australia. Cement production is the biggest industrial producer of emissions, causing 8% of global carbon emissions – more than the global car fleet. The first stage of cement making is to transform limestone (calcium carbonate - CaCO3) into lime (CaO), thus [...]

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Zero Emissions Byron presents ‘A NIGHT OF ACTION ON RENEWABLES’

Zero Emissions Byron will host “A night of Action on Renewables” on August 31st, which will focus on how the Byron Shire region can develop large scale renewable energy projects, and how the community can benefit and invest in these projects. The event will feature Community Energy Specialist and Manager of Hepburn Wind Taryn Lane. [...]

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Volunteers News August 2017

A huge thank you to our fabulous volunteers. A special shout-out to: Andrew Gunner, who is managing our website and progressively improving its features. Thanks also to Richard Keech and Elke Zimmermann who are supporting Andrew TeamNewy – and in particular Thomas Levick, John Shiel and George Parry - who are organising the national launch of Rethinking Cement [...]

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Zeromow has launched in Sydney

Outdoor equipment, such as mowers, leaf blowers, brush cutters, hedge trimmers, chainsaws are a significant contributor to noise and air pollution, and to Australia’s overall greenhouse gas emissions. For example, a two-stroke leaf blower used continuously for one hour can produce as many hydrocarbons as 150 cars over the same period. One NGO has set [...]

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Message from CEO

  Beyond Zero Emissions’ had a terrific July. Michael, Imogen and I participated in Ecocity World Summit, inspiring delegates with BZE projects that are supporting a zero carbon world. Michael gave delegates a preview of our new report, Rethinking Cement, and Imogen and I were joined by Tiffany Harrison from Zero Emissions Byron to share [...]

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Zero Carbon Communities Guide (2017)

Our free Zero Carbon Communities guide provides a simple framework and key steps to show how you can create a zero carbon community. It is based on research that demonstrates zero emissions are achievable and affordable now. It will give you confidence to take action, improve knowledge transfer and innovation and point aspiring communities towards [...]

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Zero Carbon Communities

Zero Carbon Communities is an exciting initiative delivering positive environmental change across Australia by helping communities reduce local carbon emissions. Councils and communities have a strong and proud history of leading climate action and many are working towards 100% renewable energy goals and zero emissions targets. A Zero Carbon Community is any community where people, [...]

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