Canberra Launch:  Zero Carbon Australia Electric Vehicles Report

Pictured: Minister Shane Rattenbury MLA giving one of the events two keynotes at the Canberra EV report launch: 6 December 2016. All photos by Rod Taylor

Canberra has much to gain from the shift to all electric urban cars and buses.

While Australia-wide this shift would mean big cuts to Australia’s transport emissions – at little or no extra cost to the economy – in Canberra the stakes are even higher.

This is because in 2020, when 100% of Canberra’s electricity will be sourced from renewables, 60% of Canberra green house gas emissions will still be coming from transport – unless the territory as a community gets smarter and more active on transport.

The ACT government is currently weighing up what EV policies and incentives will deliver a shift to zero emissions transport  for Canberra. So far Canberra has:

  • A fast and rapid charger network officially launched and already largely installed by power provider ACTEWAGL on December 16th –  a tangible and very practical outcome signalling an EV future in Canberra
  • 100% Greenpower to be provided to all public EV chargers courtesy of ACTEWAGL
  • Announced the arrival of 3 AVASS electric buses for January 2017
  • A 20-car hydrogen fuel cell project research partnership announced in August 2016
  • An ACT government fleet of 16 EV cars

A highlight of the Canberra launch of the BZE Electric Vehicles report was the speech by Norway’s Ambassador to Australia.

Pictured: Her Excellency Unni Kløvstad (speaking) with Shane Rattenbury MLA and Professor Penny Sackett

In her speech Her Excellency detailed the suite of policies and incentives that have now resulted in 30%  of all of Norway’s new cars being all or partly electric, and rising.

According to the ambassador Norway’s EV incentives were originally set as temporary – for only the first 50,000 vehicles (!) – but have remained popular and so are still in place despite being highly successful. We were all delighted to see ACT’s new climate change minister taking notes!

Many thanks to everybody who joined us on the program for our December 6th Canberra launch – thank you Rene and Carita Konrad for bringing your TESLA  and Rolfe Classic for the loan of the BMWi3 for the days media.

Thank you to the ACT Legislative Assembly and Ministerial staff  for inviting us to contribute to the days media in Civic Square and last but not least our wonderful guest panellists, speakers, the Canberra BZE team and 2XX for audio recording.

  • Her Excellency Ms Unni Kløvstad, Norway’s Ambassador in Australia
  • Minister Shane Rattenbury MLA, ACT Legislative Assembly
  • Todd Eagles, Deputy Chair & Strategy, Electric Vehicle Council – ‘Driving the Electric Vehicle Agenda’
  • Simon Evans, Director Beast Solutions
  • Michael Lord, Program Director, Zero Carbon Australia and Acting CEO, Beyond Zero Emissions
  • Professor Penny Sackett, Deputy Chair, ACT Climate Change Council and former Chief Scientist


The Report

The Electric Vehicles report is the second part of the Zero Carbon Australia Transport Plan.

Media Release


Professor Penny Sackett and Todd Eagles

L-R Michael Lord, Minister Rattenbury, HE Unni Kløvstad, Professor Penny Sackett, Todd Eagles, Simon Evans

Todd Eagles and Simon Evans

ACT government fleet Nissan Leaf

Minister Shane Rattenbury MLA

HE Unni Kløvstad with Prof Penny Sackett, Shane Rattenbury and Todd Eagles

Rene and Carita Konrad’s Tesla

Rolfe Classic BMW i3

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