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Beyond Zero Emissions’ research has been producing plans for Australia to transition to a zero carbon economy since 2009, working with research partners such as The University of Melbourne.

We have delivered 15 groundbreaking publications, including:

  • Detailed plans for each sector of the Australian economy, which show how the studied area can decarbonise in ten years, and
  • Guides based on this research.

These publications have changed the conversation on climate change solutions – showing that a fast transition is achievable and affordable now.

BZE is continuing this research in the industry sector, focusing on some emission sources that have receive little campaigning or policy attention.

We identify practical plans that:

  • eliminate greenhouse gas emissions
  • use proven technology
  • are affordable and relevant to Australian conditions
  • improve environmental and social conditions.

Our community of volunteer researchers allows us to draw on a wide range of expertise and capabilities. No other think thank in Australia offers this wealth of collaboration, experience and insight.

Our bold approach has won us global recognition.