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CEO Message

It’s been a huge couple of months for climate solutions, as energy security has refocused a national, public debate about the best way to secure energy and a safe climate. Bleaching of two-thirds of the Great Barrier Reef, along with a 6 percent die-back of mangroves in the Gulf of Carpentaria is a sobering reminder to us of the great urgency with which we must transition to a safe climate.

More than ever we need to let Australians know that there are viable, zero carbon solutions for all sectors of our economy.
We’re reinvigorating our presenter program to tell the Zero Carbon Australia story. We’re also establishing a new volunteer research team to help BZE rapidly respond to media with the facts about technology and carbon solutions. Read more about it in this newsletter, and get in touch if you’d like to be a part of the team. We need you!

Cement is a ubiquitous part of everyday life: pavements we walk on, buildings we live and work in, pipes that transport our water, factories that manufacture our food and clothing. Portland cement is the most common type, and is responsible for around 8% of all global carbon emissions. This will rise as the world’s formidable appetite for cement grows. Michael Lord and his team of researchers have scoured the world for zero carbon cement solutions. We’re looking forward to sharing our research and vision with you in July, when we launch the first Zero Carbon Industry report in Newcastle, in memory of Jen Bates and her inspiring passion for a zero carbon world.

All of our research and communication is made possible by your generous donations. Please accept my thanks for your continued support. Please help us continue this important work as we next tackle renewable industrial heat, the circular economy (using less materials and minimising waste) and the many benefits this can deliver for Australian manufacturers. With your support, we will build momentum for a thriving, zero carbon industry.

BZE will participate in three exciting conferences over the coming months. In May, you’ll find us at the 2017 Solar Energy Exhibition and Conference and National Manufacturing Week. In July, we’ll be presenting on Zero Carbon Industry and Zero Carbon Communities at EcoCity World Summit. We’d love you to join us there.

Finally, thank you everyone for making me feel so welcome in my first three months. We’re going to have a busy (and fun) year driving home our message that a zero carbon economy is possible, affordable, and has many benefits for Australia.

Best regards, Vanessa.

Zero Carbon Industry

BZE’s research team is forging ahead with our Zero Carbon Industry plan.

Industry is a crucial sector as it emits more than a quarter of the world’s emissions. There has been little dialogue about industrial emissions in Australia. BZE’s research will stimulate a national conversation with industry and policy makers about carbon solutions that can boost industry productivity in a safe climate.

The first instalment of the research – a pathway to zero carbon cement – will be launched in July. This report will show how Australia can develop zero carbon cement technologies that we can sell to the world.

The report will be launched in Newcastle to honour the memory of BZE volunteer Jennifer Bates.

From July onwards we will promote the cement report through the media, trade press and meetings with industry and government stakeholders. With Australia’s pipeline of infrastructure projects, we have the exciting opportunity to deliver sustainable, zero carbon infrastructure.

If you’d like to learn more, listen to Michael Lord, BZE’s Head of Research, chat to Erin on the Community Radio Show:

BZE would like to take this opportunity to thank our generous supporters, including the Hamer Family Fund, Pace Foundation, Melliodora Fund, Stephen Whately, Jordi Bates and Kathryn Bennett.

Help us share our Zero Carbon Australia vision

We are refreshing the BZE Presenter Program and Marion, our new intern, is helping us with this project until August.

Our aim is to promote BZE and our vision for a Zero Carbon Australia. We would like to reach companies, communities and the government by providing presentations on our research and projects.

Are you interested in helping us spread the word? We are now inviting presenters to contribute to the program development and to apply to undertake the 2017 Zero Carbon Australia presenter training.

Apply here 

World Renewable Energy Congress, Perth Michael Lord 
World Renewable Energy Congress, Perth Michael Lord

Renewable Energy Superpower

The positive vision of BZE’s Renewable Energy Superpower report continues to inspire.

In February Michael Lord participated in a number of Western Australia events, highlighting that Australia’s renewable energy resources are greater than our fossil fuel reserves, and should be seen as the basis for Australia’s future prosperity in a zero carbon world.

A highlight was the Climate Change, Health & Renewables forum, a pre-state election event with candidates from WA Labor and Greens, including Roger Cook who is now Deputy Premier. Despite an uncharacteristically wet night in Perth there was a packed house, with 150 more on the waiting list.  Michael’s presentation followed a passionate talk from Professor Fiona Stanley showing how climate change endangers health. After the event Fiona said of BZE, “You guys are the answer!”

Michael also presented at the World Renewable Energy Congress, the WA Health, Energy and Climate Change Symposium and WA Climate Network meeting. Last week it was the turn of the east coast, where Michael presented to the Newcastle Electrical Branch of Engineers Australia – an event attended by 300 engineers. In this town known for its links to coal, engineers were inspired by the message that Australia’s industry can be powered by our abundant wind and solar.

Beyond Zero Emissions would like to thank Doctors for the Environment Australia, Sustainable Energy Now and RenewWA for event, venue and travel support, fellow panellists for the opportunity to meet and for very welcome discussions and collaborations.

Zero Carbon Communities

BZE is adapting the acclaimed Zero Carbon Australia research in our work with local communities. With support from the Robert Hicks Foundation, managed by Equity Trustees and the Lord Mayors Charitable Fund we are collaborating with Baw Baw Zero Emissions, Clean Energy Nillumbik and Renewable Energy Benalla to design local ten-year zero-emissions stationary energy transition strategies.

Renewable Energy Benalla 

Some members of Renewable Energy Benalla:
From left: Sandy Campbell, John Lloyd, Cath Botta, Kevin Smith, John Bradshaw, Geoff Forman, Larissa Montgomery

Community meetings and workshops are underway for each council scale working group. Baseline reports documenting existing energy use in each community have been developed and will form the basis of each transition strategy. BZE is also pleased to be a member of Zero Emissions Byron, and looks forward to our ongoing collaboration.

BZE is also developing the Zero Carbon Community Blueprint, designed to inspire and support other communities wishing to embark on a Zero Carbon Community project.

Get in touch to be part of this groundbreaking work via our mailing list – you can start a Zero Carbon Community in collaboration with BZE, your local sustainability group and your local council!

Zero Carbon rapid response team

We’re recruiting for a new volunteer research team. This small team will undertake research to support BZE to rapidly respond to questions and incorrect claims about zero carbon technology and solutions discussed in the media and other public forums. We want to make sure Australians know that zero carbon technologies and solutions exist for all sectors of the economy.

If you’d like to express your interest, please email with the subject heading “Rapid response research team”, and we’ll be in touch.

Dr Adrian Morphett on Biochar – next Discussion Group, May 1 2017 See

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Thank you Sustainable Living Festival 2017  BZE Research Director Michael Lord with Costa Georgiadis

BZE Teams Updates

  • Congratulations and thank you to supporters, team members and collaborators for all the work and vision leading to our astounding new think tank ranking – top 100 globally in the category of Best Independent Think Tank according to the Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Thank you to BZE Team WA member Alastair Leith for coordinating BZE’s events and tours in Perth

  • Congratulations to Lisa Lumsden, Gary Rowbottom, Dan Spencer and the whole team at Repower Port Augusta for huge efforts in inching closer to Concentrated Solar Thermal power for Port Augusta.

  • Thank you to BZE’s ‘Team Melbourne’, festival organisers and presenters Michael Lord, Richard Keech and Tim Forcey for a great 2017 Sustainable Living Festival

  • Thank you Team Melbourne for our popular Monday Discussion Group, and representing BZE at community events.

  • Thank you to our amazing BZE Radio, Discussion Groups and Podcasting teams. Did you know there are over 700 podcasts available at

  • Welcome to Thomas Levick as BZE Newcastle coordinator, and thank you Team Newy for hosting an informative tour in March.

Are you looking for a new challenging and rewarding pro-bono or volunteering role? We can help with that! Check out these vacancies:

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