BZE 2018 Achievements

Monday 26th Nov 2018

Presenter/Producer:  Erin Jones
Topic:  BZE 2018 Achievements / EV Expo – Brisbane/ Federal Labor Climate & Energy Policy announcement

Michael Lord

We speak with Head of Research at BZE – Michael Lord.
Michael is the lead author of the Electrifying Industry Report, which was launched at the Electrifying Industry Summit on Sept 13th, 2018.
This work focusing on industrial processes including industrial heat is a world first.
Industrial processes represents 8% of Australia’s emissions – so is a significant contributor to the national emissions profile.
Michael gives us an update on how this research is being received – and the other achievements of BZE this year including receiving an international award, and the uptake of industry of the Rethinking Cement work.

Download the reports (for free) here:

Labour Climate & Energy Announcements

Petra Stock

Petra Stock – Climate Council –
The federal Labor opposition has updated its Climate and Energy Policy as it relates to the electricity sector.
We discuss what’s on the table including a boost of $10b in funding to the clean Energy Finance Corporation, subsides for batteries, and the establishment of a Just Transitions Authority with Climate Council Senior Climate and Energy Analyst – Petra Stock.

Australian Electric Vehicle Association AEVA
EV Expo – Brisbane

We chat with Gary Creighton one of the organisers of the Brisbane EV Expo
The EV Expo saw exhibitors including Renault, Nissan, Hyundai and various other e-mobility modes of transport.


Michael Lord
Lead Author – Electrifying Industry
BZE Head of Research

Petra Stock
Climate Council
Senior Energy and Climate Solutions Analyst

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