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Our experienced speakers have presented to audiences ranging:

  • from high schools,
  • to boardrooms, and
  • everywhere in between.

We present, in a positive way, the solutions to the climate crisis and provide information on the most current renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and how they could be applied across Australia to reach a zero emissions economy.

We are happy to tailor our presentation for the intended audience and can also provide detailed background on climate science and policy.

Our volunteer speakers often focus on one or more of our publications, e.g.

  • Australia becoming a Renewable Energy Superpower
  • High Speed Rail linking Melbourne to Brisbane
  • Solar and wind energy
  • Energy efficient homes
  • See all of our publications here.

There is no charge for a BZE talk, though any donation to cover costs would be most welcome.

To arrange a speaker, please contact us.

Our speaker may subsequently contact you to discuss the availability of things like:

  • a table near a power point,
  • a suitable wall to project onto, and
  • a whiteboard