Make a bequest in your will2017-07-16T17:31:44+00:00

Make a bequest to Beyond Zero Emissions  in your will.

When some people write their will, they take the opportunity to support the continuation of an activity that is important to them, like the climate solutions research and advocacy of Beyond Zero Emissions.

To make a bequest to Beyond Zero Emissions, we suggest that you, and your legal representative, consider the following phrases for your will.


  • the sum of $ _____, or
  • tthe residue of my estate, or
  • __% of the residue of my estate, or
  • my real property situated at address ____ having the title reference ____, or
  • my units/shares in ___ Trust/Ltd, or
  • the whole of my estate, or
  • ____% of my estate.

to Beyond Zero Emissions Inc., ABN 48554925975 for its general purposes.

I direct that the written receipt of the Treasurer or another duly authorised officer of Beyond Zero Emissions Inc. shall be accepted by my executors as a full and sufficient discharge of my bequest.”

If your existing will is satisfactory, you and your legal representative could consider making a bequest by adding a codicil to your will. A codicil must be signed and witnessed in the same way as your will.

Thank you for considering this.