Monday 3rd Sept 2018


Ian Dunlop –  Former Int Oil, Coal and Gas industry executive.  Now Co author “What lies beneath”
Louise Fraser– 350.Org campaigner for RISE FOR CLIMATE  global event
Sarah and Tim – Frontline Action on Coal – They stopped the coal trains into Newcastle for 3.5 hours TODAY!
Giles Parkinson –  Editor of Renew Economy.org

Ian Dunlop

Did you know that Australia,  despite our small population,  is NOT a small contributor to climate disruption?
Ian Dunlop says that corporations need to rethink their business model as we are fourth in the world league of polluters.  He discusses the rot and incompetence at the top and calls for a Government of National Unity which can implement emergency measures.  As our Bangladeshi climate scientist said we are “climate criminals”.


Vivien Langford also speaks to Sarah Barron who stopped the coal trains today.  When she came down from her tripod she said “Mining and exporting coal in the face of what is already a  spiralling climate crisis is to condemn my generation”.
Sarah and Tim,  from Frontline Action on Coal speak about the community controlling the resources and justice for energy workers.  They noted that we now have a PM who looks like a front for the  Minerals Council,  a chief of staff who was a former coal boss,  an Energy minister who has campaigned against wind power and an Environment Minister who was a mining industry lawyer…
Is disrupting the coal port that disrupts the climate justified?
FLAC “It’s time to stand up and take action on climate change!  If not now,  then when?  If not you,  then who?”

Louise Fraser

Louise Fraser speaks about the global  “Rise Up for climate” on 8th September.  The Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco 12-16 September will take action to the next level. State,  regional  and city governments will show what they have achieved and how we will make the Paris Agreement a reality.
Please attend events in your local area. There are at least 6 around Melbourne and in every state. Use this hashtag to invite your friends to step up #StepUp2018



Giles Parkinson   

Giles Parkinson reassures us that there are enough wind and solar projects for the industry to be getting on with while they  play with coal in Canberra.
However,  will the renewable industry take its bat and ball and go overseas?
Vivien desperately tries to think of something else for them to invest in but Giles is not so anxious.  Although it is frustrating he sees plenty to do on the clean energy front even exports to take the place of coal and gas! He also announced the new Renew Economy website devoted entirely to electric vehicles.


350.org “Rise for Climate” document (PDF)
‘What Lies Beneath’ by Ian Dunlop and David Spratt ( climateextremes.org.au)

FLAC- (www.frontlineaction.org)   Video “End Coal”   12-16th September in Newcastle
WIND FARM OPEN DAY-Sunday 21st October in NSW,  SA, Vic and WA
In Victoria: Bald Hills Wind Farm at Tarwin Lower / Cape Nelson South Wind Farm / Mt Gellibrand Wind Farm at Woorndoo.
Rise for Climate  – September 7th/8th Find an event near you.
People’s Referendum on Coal and Gas (lockthegate.org.au/peoplesreferendum)



Radio team 3rd September:  Andy Britt Producer,  Roger Vize Podcasts,  Vivien Langford – Interviews

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