PRO BONO- For the common Good

Monday 9th July 2018

Sarah Brenan talks about the role philanthropy plays in seeding climate action.  She admires the boldness of BZE with its reports showing the way to decarbonise our society.
“Rethinking Cement” was one of our projects supported by the Hamer Family Fund and we talk about how brave ideas need to be nurtured and are underpinned by a wonderful team of pro bono researchers and publicists.
She was the publisher for Guarding Eden which is ideal for teachers looking for a text that will inspire action and which should be in every senior classroom.
We talk about the influence of writers like George Monbiot and Tim Winton and how there needs to be a new narrative for the next generation.
Will the disaster stories of Cli Fi and the dystopias on TV paralyse or push us to action?  What is the alternative?  She recommends Climate for Change with their intentional conversations and magnificent newsletter

Philippa Rowland

Philippa Rowland is Living the Change with ARRCC. She came away from the Copenhagen Climate COP inspired not by government but by the sheer people power represented there.  Collectively lowering our carbon footprint out of ethical commitment only means less meat, less flying and more green energy.How hard can that be?  If 10% of the top emitters reduced to the carbon footprint of a European, world emissions could be reduced by 33%.  A report of all the emissions saved around the world by individual action will be used at the next COP to urge greater emissions cuts by business and government.

Rabbi Jonathan Keren Black

Rabbi Jonathan Keren- Black tells us about the film A mighty Force will screen at the Jewish Community Centre in Forrest ACT on 14th July.
He speaks about the Living the Change Initiative of ARRCC and how religious leaders can influence ethical action.
As Amitav Ghosh said “Organisations with religious affiliations can mobilise people in far greater numbers than any others, – they transcend nation states and they acknowledge inter -generational, long term responsibilities” The Great Disruption




Kurt Johnson reports from Morwell where he is interviewing people for the Beyond Zero radio special on 30th July.  He talks also about the new film OUR POWER by Peter Yacono which shows both the pain and the enterprise of this community in the Latrobe valley.




A Crude Injustice will screen at the Documentary Film Festival Saturday 14th July at 11.30 am.  Backlist Cinema 65 Haig St Southbank.  We once interviewed the director Jane Hammond, because the fossil fuel than destroyed West Timorese Seaweed Farms should be left beneath the sea bed if climate tipping points are to be averted.
A Plastic Ocean will screen courtesy of Climate for Change.  Come along to drink wine and enjoy snacks with this group that practices intentional conversations about climate action.
18th July – 6pm Donkey Wheel House 673 Bourke St, Progress Central. Level 3.

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The radio team tonight: Andy Britt. Kurt Johnson Roger Vize and Vivien Langford.

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