The Journalist, The Politician and the Community Organiser

Monday 2nd July 2018

Giles Parkinson

This show is about the Energy Revolution from three points of view and what are the hurdles in its path. We chat to GILES PARKINSON about the Large-Scale Solar Industry Forum that was held in May.  Is Industry united about the National Energy Guarantee?  Does the Business Council of Australia represent industries that are already signing up for wind and solar power to reduce costs?  Is trying to resist the renewables based grid like resisting the Internet?



Adam Bandt

ADAM BANDT is Federal member for Melbourne.
Does his blood boil in parliament as there is no National Retirement Plan for our coal fired power plants?  Are the climate criminals locking us into a future dependant on coal?  How can we re-regulate electricity prices and tackle job insecurity in the coal rich valleys?



Leigh Ewbank

We will also be chatting to LEIGH EWBANK about his work on the Act on Climate campaign with Friends of the Earth.  We get an understanding of exactly what challenges are involved in being heard by politicians in the upcoming Victorian state election and how to mobilize diverse communities.



Team: Roger Vize, Kurt Johnson and Vivien Langford


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