Monday 25th June 2018

Dr Bob Brown at the Sustainable Living Festival aroused the audIence to save the TARKINE.  He speaks to a young doctor perched as a protector in a tree to bring that remote forest to the city audience.  We hear from Jane Goodall about young people restoring the web of life or falling into despair and dramatic moments from the Sea Shepherd as it is nearly squashed by two whaling boats.  The audience gave him a standing ovation because he celebrates the altruistic side of us that takes a stand.
In an interview with Vivien Langford later down by the Yarra,  Bob Brown urges us to believe in democracy.  Lobby hard to be heard and stop voting for people who will betray us with destructive policies.  He talks about DRAWDOWN actions outlined by his friend Paul Hawkins such as restoring forest management to indigenous people like the Orrang Asli in Malaysia.
Vivien shows him some meatless meat and he discusses why he is not a vegan but that the people leading us to a mainly plant based diet are climate heroes.
He praises those standing up against new coal mines and fighting the anti protest laws right through to the courts as true patriots.  His message is don’t get depressed ,get active.
Campaigns that needs your help to save the Tarkine Forest are through the Bob Brown Foundation.
The Goongerah Environment Centre is preventing logging in East Gippsland.
Let us know what you are doing in a 100 words and we will read it out on the radio.
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