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Monday 21st May 2018

The metabolism of our planet is sick. Doctors see the symptoms of carbon dependent economy in the acidic oceans,  heatwave deaths of mangroves,  bats and people,  plus millions of deaths per year from carbon polluted air.  We spend 2% of our health dollars on prevention. Spending more will cost less in the long run and lessen the carbon footprint on hospitals which are responsible for 7% of our emissions.  The doctors held a far reaching 3 day conference and the presentations are available in the links section.
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This podcast is dedicated to Dr D. SHEARMAN and the late Dr A. MC MICHAEL who pioneered this progressive group of doctors -DEA.

The IDEA 2018 conference opened in Newcastle’s Civic Hall with a profound welcome to Country by Worremi elder Bill Smith.

Bob Brown


Dr Bob Brown former lead of The Greens,  called on the DEA and AMA to create their own lobby group.  He said every mining,  logging and destroying group has their well paid and bold lobbyists in Canberra.  They get into politicians ears unlike the “mums and dads” who want to save the reef or transition their valley to clean energy.  He talked about turning people around if you are fearless,  well informed and on the spot.




Mark Butler


The Hon Mark Butler – ALP,  spoke about farmer suicides and the increased intensity of climate related calamities.
The message was “Don’t get depressed ,Get active” and outlined the kind of protections we need to put in place for vulnerable species including our own.




Ben Marais


Professor Ben Marais is a Paediatrician from Sydney University.  He spoke in front of a large photo of a foetus.  This child of the future needs our protection and he outlined a new dimension of ethics.  Doctors need to consider not just the patient in front of them,  not just the public health around them but the impact of what we are doing on those unborn babies of 2050. We need to think how to prevent the global heating which is incompatible with life.


David Shearman

Dr David Shearman is Emeritus Professor of Medicine at Adelaide University.
He speaks to Vivien Langford about why doctors are focussing on this life support system we call “The Environment”. After long hours on duty, why should doctors take up campaigns for example to Repower Port Augusta? His answer seems to be because they are on the frontline and because they are the most trusted messengers.
As his recent article opposing fracked gas from NT and WA says:
France has put a stop to fracked gas in its territory, so he is with President Macron.”There is no Planet B”

1. Lancet Countdown
2. Future
3. The Biology of Civilization by Stephen Boyden
4. Planetary Health. MJA. March issue of AMA journal
4.Video talks from IDEA18 Conference

Thanks to Dr John Van der Kallen who helped us.
Thanks to Radio Team : Andy Britt , Roger Vize and Vivien Langford

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