Monday 14th May 2018 

Amanda Cahill

Amanda Cahill is the founding director of the Centre for Social Change.  She has worked extensively in developing countries and worries that climate change will force us to trust people who are just perpetuating a colonialist system.  The impact is falling on people who already do not have access to water and electricity and unless we phase out fossil fuels fast, life will get rapidly worse for them.  It is a thoughtful and wide ranging conversation about how climate denialism can so easily turn into climate nihilism as if there is NOTHING WE CAN DO! She spoke to Vivien Langford at the EcoCities Summit in Melbourne.




The leaders from KIRIBAS, who we hear in the second item, talk about the coherence of their communities.  No room for nihilism there.  Vivien met them at a Pacific Leadership training day. Schoolteacher Morisio tells us how children are falling behind as their school books are washed away or damaged by king tides.

Pelenise Alofa

Pelenise Alofa talks up her project of turning the problem they have with roaming pigs into an asset.
She is planning a Bio digester to turn the excrement into cooking gas for the villages.

We hear an education officer’s moving poem to her grand daughter.
Anyone who does not hear the message in there for us to cut our carbon footprint,  must be made of stone.





Phil Glendinning of the Edmund Rice Centre and Tom Zubryki talk about the film they made in Kiribas called “The Hungry Tide.”  We also hear a drama performed at The Australian Museum by the Pacific group asking forgiveness from Mother Earth.

See Kiribas in “ THE HUNGRY TIDE” trailer here:

The Hungry Tide from Natalie Schapira on Vimeo.


Radio Team: Andy Britt, Vivien Langford, Kurt Johnson and Roger Vize. Thanks to Edmund Rice Centre and Joseph Zane Silulu from Pacific


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