The town that said NO to AGL

Monday 7th May 2018

7th May 2018 BZE Community Radio Show with Andy, Kurt, Viv and Roger

Giles Parkinson

Giles Parkinson, Founder and Editor of REneweconomy tells Vivien about new developments on the desert road to transition.

Sanjeev Gupta’s Green Steel investments will boost the need for renewable energy at Whyalla and elsewhere.. He thinks that energy intensive industry is set to expand in Australia because of renewable energy potential. But can the grid cope? Giles talks about AEMO and his hopes for Audrey Zibelman. Meanwhile the share holders’ revolt mobilised by ACCR has got big companies pledging to consider climate change and others getting out of coal altogether. Is there momentum behind this?

Peter Hannam

Peter Hannam, Senior Environment Editor at Fairfax News wrote the foreword for The town that said NO to AGL.He tells Vivien the inside story and his admiration for the people. Is it hard reporting on global warming in a media landscape so dominated by vested interests? And Why is so little climate action and campaigning reported in the media?




The town that said no

John Watts was once a barrister in Sydney John retired to the town of Gloucester in NSW. He heard the mining company AGL was set to mine the area with a vast array coal seam gas wells extending to within 200 metres of the town’s limits. Residents of Gloucester became concerned and mobilized. What happened next was the creation of a protest group called Groundswell that experienced and resisted every strata corporate and political power. They won and John wrote a book about it called the Town that Said No to AGL.

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Steve Robinson

Steve Robinson is a psychiatrist. He was honoured by the Doctors for the Environment (DEA)

for his service to the Gloucester community and his environmental activism. He tells Vivien how the stress and anxiety for people living with the threat of expanded coal mines and new gas wells can affect their immune systems. Behind the brave faces is a heavy weight of worry. He pays tribute to the staunch community and values of towns which will increasingly have to stand up to prevent the degradation of their ecosystem and our climate.

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Read more:  Thanks to Giles Parkinson of Reneweconomy for the following podcast

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